Valves having renewable non-metallic valve seatings, and capable of controlling fluids by opening and closing the valve parallel to the seat orifice.

Branch Tap         

A draw-off tap with one end open to atmosphere usually used for domestic purposes. May have rising or non-rising spindle. Various forms are in common usage the main types being,

Pillar Tap             

In which the inlet and spindle are on the same vertical axis. The outlet arranged at right angles to the inlet.

Bib Tap                

In  which  the  inlet  is  arranged  for horizontal mounting with the outlet discharging vertically. The outlet may be fixed or swivelled.

Mixer Tap           

In which the hot and cold water inlets are controlled within the fitting and mixed water discharged through a spout outlet, a shower outlet or a combination of both. The discharge through the spout or shower may be manually selected. Mixing of the hot and cold water can be thermostatically or manually controlled. All fittings can be connected by exposed or concealed piping.

Stop Valve         

A valve utilized for arresting or con-trolling the flow of fluid etc.