Valves having renewable non-metallic valve seatings, arranged to deliver a pre-determined volume of fluid. The opening and closing of the valve is usually motivated by the fluid itself.

Float Operated                

A  valve   in   which  the  closing  and opening is actuated by the movement of a float, rising or falling with the surface level of the fluid in the container into which the valve discharges.

Pressure Operated Flushing Valve          

A manually initiated valve in which the seat orifice is closed by a valve attached to a piston or diaphragm, the excess differential pressure on the one surface of which, urges the closure valve against the seat orifice. Release of pressure from this side of the piston or diaphragm allows the valve to open and the fluid to be dis-charged. Means for pre-setting the volume of discharge, and obtaining identity of performance irrespective of the mode of initiation, can be incorporated.