Brdr. Christensen has been the standard setting manufacture of plug valves for more than 50 years.

Since their manufacturing start in 1958 they have obtained a unique “first choice” status amongst the leading companies in the oil and gas industry all over the world. This status is achieved as a result of the company vision:

On basis of control over all manufacturing processes, to be the leading manufacturer of valves for high specification applications.

Brdr. Christensen’s products are aimed at applications with a high specification level. They have control over all manufacturing processes, from casting (we have our own foundry), to machining, assembly, painting and testing.

If you buy products from Brdr. Christensen you can be sure of one thing: They made it – all of it, and therefore they are able to document every detail for the product and for the manufacturing process.

Furthermore they are approved and accredited by all relevant institutions and companies all over the world.

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The Company

Technical Department

A fully computerized design department, where customer’s technical requirements are part of the daily routine.

Pattern Shop

Having the pattern shop in-house make Brdr. Christensen Haner as able to meet customers requirements for sizes/pressure classes not previously produced and specialities – in due time.


All valves are casted in-house. This makes Brdr. Christensen very flexible towards customer’s requirements – also when it comes to time of delivery. They have a wide range of different materials such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, Duplex, Super Duplex and 6MO. They even cast specialities like Inconel.

Machine Shop

All the different processes in a machine shop are taken care of in-house: cutting, turning, grinding, lapping etc. All done by skilled and trained employees.


Electroless Nickelplating

Nearly all valves produced are as standard delivered as ENP and PTFE coated on the plug. This is done due to – among other things – hardness difference between body and plug and to keep the torque as low as possible.


Painting Shop

Brdr. Christensen Aps as facilities for controlling temperature, air siphoning and humidity make them able to meet many different painting procedures – all in-house.


Mounting Shop

All valves are mounted and pressure tested according to the standards and specifications


Quality Control

The quality system is the guarantees for all valves produced and delivered meet their and their customer’s specifications. Every valve is checked according to the specifications before shipment

Packing & Dispatch

To make sure, that the valves they deliver nearly all over the World will arrive in “good shape” Brdr. Christensen put efforts in the right packing and marking