Since its establishment in 1951, Kitz Iso Corporation has supplied products for applications ranging from the home to industrial processed as manufacturer of valves and other devices for the control fluids.

Over the years, they have grown into one of the world’s leading valve manufacturers. Today, the Kitz Iso brand has a solid reputation for outstanding quality in Japan and around the World.

In the recent years, concerns have been growing about the global environment and access to sustainable sources of energy. At the same time, we are witnessing rapid changes in the global economic environment around us. These developments ill significantly influence their operating environment in the years ahead. Kitz Iso Corporation is dedicated to continuously increasing its corporate value through the provision of products and services rooted in originality and quality. They will focus on achieving even greater satisfaction for their customers, shareholders and the communities in which they operate. Kitz Iso Corporation will remain a manufacturer that concentrate on valves and other devices to control fluids, constantly working towards the goal of helping make their lives more fulfilling and earning the trust of all stakeholders.