Smith Flow Control was established in 1985 to provide engineered safety solutions for hazardous operations in the oil & gas and chemical processing industries.

Smith Flow Control introduced the coded-card linear-key concept in a range modular key-operated interlocks to regulate operator execution of work procedures on any form of host process equipment.

Typical applications include every form of valve (including motorized and instrument valves), switches, vessel closures, access guards, pressure and temperature sensing systems and rail/road/sea tanker loading systems. Smith Flow Control’s solutions in hazardous processes reduce the scope for operator error and ensure safe continuous plant operation.

Most offshore installations in the North Sea have been equipped with Smith Flow Control systems as well as the majority of related onshore processing facilities throughout Europe. By 1990, Smith Flow Control became the generic term for key interlock safety systems in the international oil & gas industry and our client base now includes most of the major operating companies in all five continents.

In 1990 Smith Flow Control became part of Halma pic (quoted on the London Stock Exchange) and in 1993 acquired ISO 9001 accreditation certified by Lloyds Register.

Today Smith Flow Control continues to be managed by its founders who remain committed to providing quality assured products delivered on time at a competitive price