Butterfly Valves         

High Performance Butterfly Valve (HPBV) designs use the pressure in the pipeline to increase the interference between the Seat and the Disc edge to prevent backflow in any direction.

HPBV valves are especially designed for use in high pressure pipelines (ASME 150# to 1.500#), suitable for tougher service and are prone to less wear.

Supplied as Soft- or Metal-seated, any type of materials and may be used in Throttling Service.

The most common method to be installed in a piping-system:

  • Double Flanged Type.
  • Wafer Type w/4 unthreaded Guiding Lugs/Grooves
  • Lug Type w/Threaded/Unthreaded Lugs

HPBV types are manufactured as Double- or Triple Eccentric construction per API609 Cat. B


Other butterfly designs are resilient (Rubber, PTFE etc.) Concentric valves. (API 609 Cat. A)

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