Plug Valves        


Plug Valve is the oldest known kind of valve. It is a commend assumption that the plug in the plug valve is taper (conic) . The fact is that there is a huge verity of the inside construction of a plug valve.


  • The plug valve is a 90 deg (quarter turn) operated valve.
  • The main purpose of a plug valve is isolation, and it will than either be fully open or fully closed
  • The secondary function of the valve is regulation which is achived by tapering the valve bore. This will reduce the aperture of the plug.

  • Range of application:

• Oil production
• Water injection
• Mud systems.
• Shut down valve on production
• Water injection and test manifold
• Between valve tree and separator.
• Change-over valve between filters.
• Meetering stations


  • Cylindrical
  • Cylindrical without seats (integrated sets in the valve body)
  • Full bore “through conduit”
  • Venturi with reduced bore


  • As a rule plug valves are expected to be maintenance free, however for some valves maintenance is highly required to secure operation and avoid damage.