Our Mission and Policies

Flow Control Norway AS policy is to deliver valves / control valve systems / valve interlock systems and related services which meet our customers’ needs, demands and expectations.

Flow Control Norway AS will be a supplier to serious parties within the Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical industry in Norway as well as abroad and only utilize sub suppliers with documented experience specialized within these categories, who follows the same ethical guideline as Flow Control Norway AS.

Flow Control Norway AS will also assure that our employees and facilities meet our customers’ expectation.”

Brief History

Flow Control Norway AS was established in 1985 and has since then been a supplier of valves, actuators and interlock systems for the oil & gas industry as well as for the onshore process industry.

Early 2005 Flow Control Norway AS expanded and started to build up a stock of valves for the Norwegian offshore market, and became one of the major players in the Norwegian Valve Stockist Market. The complete stock is built from a mixture of high quality Equinor TR2000 and Norsok specified valves, manufactured by well known European manufacturers. All material is based on Norsok and Equinor TR2000 specifications, dual or single specified, and Norsok M650 approved if applicable.

Quality Assurance

Flow Control Norway’s Management has prepared and documented the companies quality system and policy and also set the companies quality target. The Management is responsible at all time to have the required resources to continuously maintain and develop the system.